WiFi Arduino Robot

WiFi Arduino Robot is a wifi controlled robot. Which already has been used in several different projects like controlling it with EEG.

The project was handed to me as an intern at Waag Society. A previous intern started working with SERB which is a laser cut Arduino robot. But he couldn't complete the project, not sure why. Not that this was problem because I had the basic parts for a robot (a few of the were lost so I had to recut them).

Back then, with my limited knowledge of the Arduino I started working on the project, first of all, it needed to run. When this was up and running a WiFi module (which is now discontinued) was added to have it controlled from a website. The module acts like a web server which can also control the ports.

Besides controlling the robot from a website it was also controlled through brainwaves. This happened when a fellow intern Mark van Zee, who was working on mastering the EEG, combined the WAbot with the Emotiv. More about this project can be found here: http://blog.waag.org/?p=2570.