Tactile Echo

My first real encounter with the Arduino platform.

So Yeah, this was my first real Arduino project. No real knowledge about electronics and a short week course on how to program a Arduino.

The project was part of a team project during my time at the HKU. During this time I received the label programmer and not so much the conceptual and visual wonder. And in the process of this project, I took the label with pride. But enough about me.

Tactile Echo took its shape by a visual design made by Wijnand Veneberg. But though it looked awesome, we could quite figure out what it did. During some arguing about what it was, the base for the project was set.

The installation consists of four bowls of which three are for instrumental purposes and one for interactive purpose. The three instrumental bowls are the bass, mid, and treble. And while interacting with the first bowl you create a musical sequence which can be experienced by others near the three bowls. The beauty of the whole experience is that the sound is not only heard but also tactile. Which gives the experience of music a whole new dimension.

To me, this project was full of technical hordes and late nights. But was the base for more Arduino project.