Simple Robot

The simple robot is designed for a two-week crash course workshop on Arduino I did had to do on the HKU (part of the knowledge transfer course).

It covered the basics of programming, electronics, and different types of electronic components.

For most people, the first part of the course is kinda boring, but to get to the second part you have to get through it. Mostly because it covers the basics of programming. Explaining how functions work, what variables are, and how to put in some logic. Of course, it combined with some typing of your own but mostly it is me telling how programming is like handing out papers to people what to do in case of a fire. The other part, before all the really cool stuff happens, is how sensors work and how to translate their input to output.

The rest of the course is putting together everything you've learned into a robot with a distance sensor and keep it from running into walls. And for the grand finale, it's making your robot as smart as possible to maneuver through a simple maze. And get your robot to the end point the fastest.

Parts list