Radio Frequency Light Sequencer

The RFLS was a light sequencer designed for deFrame Collective.

It was used in combination with image mapping in a set of trees and put in bird cages. The technique used was a combination of Processing and Arduino.

During my time at HKU, I met Jessica Drue who was/is part of deFrame Collective. And they needed some fun lighting effects for a party they VJ'd in the Melkweg Amsterdam. <sarcasm> Me grandmaster of the Arduino platform </sarcasm> was able to build them a sort-of-plug-and-play light sequence device.

The setup consists of two separate boxes one that connects to the computer which functions as a transmitter, and the other box the receiver which triggers the lights and translates the commands to playful sequences. For this project, I used the TLC5940 for controlling the fading LEDs, something that I won't do again anytime soon. They work great but, are a bitch to understand. And mostly I could figure out how to control more LEDs with a single port for stronger lighting.

For as far I know the setup was used about three times during an evening in the Melkweg Amsterdam. Now it is back safe in my hands and is collecting dust in the attic.