Jerrycan Light Sequencer

Commissioned by DEFrame Collective for Off Centre Festival 2011, a water light show.

For this project, DeFrame Collective asked me if I could do something with jerrycans and light. So the outline for this project was pretty clear, and my part was to make creating something that would do its job. Version 1.0 was the first project I started using the bit-shifters with fading LEDs. Which only works with the right type library. The one I found was used for RGB LEDs but after some tweaking of the example code I could do whatever I wanted with it.

So far the for the technical story. The goal of the light sequence was to create a water like calming effect. What you see are waves going by, rain falling down, and tides turning. As for me, I could stare at the sequence for a fair amount of time, I hope others can too.


JLS2.0 is an upgrade of the JLS V1.0. Besides using a new library for handling the bit-shifting PWM it is now controlled by video. Hardware-wise the two separate controlled 2x6 Jerrycan Clusters are now controlled by a single Arduino. This way the clusters are now a single 4x3 grid.

The whole idea behind this was to make it easier to create light sequences which would open up a lot more possibilities when using it for stage decoration and controllable for a VJ.