An affective relation with an interactive installation

An affective relation with an interactive installation. How is the relation between the participant and the machine setup, and how can we control it.

In my thesis, I've set up guidelines on the different design aspects of an interactive installation. Each of these aspects is backed up by theory, practice, and experiments.


When building interactive installation that needs to socially connect with its participants the creator is challenged with many problems. One of these problems is how to achieve interaction with its participants. When this interaction is not going as planned the message that should be told will not come across. Its participants need to be able to understand what the installation is doing and how to respond to its communication. The author of this thesis has encountered this problem and tries to create a framework to approach this problem.

In this thesis the problem is approached with the use of anthropomorphism. In this study, theory is compared and tested against practice. It does this by determining what the boundaries are with the use of anthropomorphism. This happens by dividing it in separate forms that can be studied. The elements are defined are called structural, gestural, character, and aware. Its structural form is one that represents the human form in a degree, gestural is the recognition and communication with movement, the character form is defined as its emotion that exudes with sound, and the aware form is how it processes data into in- and output.