Tracking Web Pixel

A research into how far tracking can take you in identifying an unknown user.

And so, this project came to be with the sentence "I can do that". But before that, I just wanted to know the workings of a tracking pixel and then went just a little too far. Now I have my own tracking web pixel.

What does it do? you ask. Well, it tracks the user across the platform. And with the gathered data I can create the path it has walked. But in this case, Google Analytics does it better. The thing I couldn&squo;t get from Analytics was making an unknown user to a known user. But with this tracking cookie i&squo;m able to follow a user. And most important thing is when a form is filled out the form data can be connected with the browse data.

The combination of knowing who the user is and knowing what he did creates a whole new world of possibilities. One of them is mapping the user his devices. This happens when a user is using multiple devices to interact with your platform. You can even figure out from the data how big the users household is and where he works. Of course, this depends on the type of platform and if it's integrated enough into someone's daily routine. If I would use it on this website, the data would be useless. but with a platform like Gmail, Facebook or even Imgur (yes, we all look at cat pictures during working hours). You can map out a persons life. So, it kind of creepy to have the possibility to do this all, but also it's cool I have the code.

Because I've been spending so much time on it I won't be sharing the code. If you'd like to know more you can always contact me.